Northern Germany

Oktoberfest in Munich is one-of-a-kind. The castles of Bavaria look like they’re straight from a fairy tale. Berlin can be downright weird. With all this going on in Germany, far less attention is paid to the country’s north, where the likes of Hamburg and Bremen reside.

Don’t let that fool you, though; there’s a lot going on up north, as well.

Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, one of the most acoustically-advanced concert halls in the world, opened this January to the locals’ delight. With or without the new facility, Hamburg is a charming city that has captured the hearts of many. Mitzie Mee chose to explore a different side of the city in her look at Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse area in the world and a recently-named UNESCO World Heritage Site. “It was such a beautiful place to walk around in during daytime, so one evening I decided to walk from the Rathaus Station and back to the hotel through Speicherstadt, as I wanted to see what the area was like after dark. It was very dark and it was very quiet. Even though I never felt unsafe in the sense that I was afraid to get assaulted or robbed, the place still managed to scare the guts out of me. The spookiness all came from the dim lighting and the completely deserted streets. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Dracula, a zombie army or Ozzy Osbourne around the next corner.”