As the largest island in the Baltic Sea, it’s almost surprising that Gotland receives so little attention. As we’ve seen, though, that seems to be the theme of this year’s roundup; Lonely Planet has looked far and wide to find the diamonds in the rough,

and Gotland is certainly an excellent one. Tranquil space is easy to find here, whether it comes in the form of peaceful fishing villages or flowing, affable pastures.

When The New York Times reported on Gotland back in 2010, this is what they had to say: “Indeed, when driving through the vast openness of Gotland, the ribbon of road unfurls across a flat green landscape. There are no billboards, no guardrails, just country churches and grazing herds of indigenous gray, curly-haired sheep. Occasionally, a squat, decommissioned windmill appears in a meadow, or a sleek, modern wind turbine twirls slowly on the horizon. But everywhere, Gotland’s haunting beauty follows.” If you’re looking for an undiscovered piece of rural Scandinavia, Gotland might just be your place.