Visa Assistance

We specialize in TOURIST VISAS. We do not assist in work or student permit applications. Wildlife Tours & Adventures does not guarantee in any way, the approval of visa application nor the time at which the embassy will act on the visa application.

All Visa and Wildlife Tours & Adventures Service Fees are nonrefundable once visa is processed, regardless of result of application.

Wildlife Tours & Adventures' Service Fee includes the following services:

  1. Lodging of appointment with the embassy (Service Fee includes Call Center Charges, if applicable)
  2. If personal appearance is not required, filing of the visa application by our Liason Office on applicant's behalf
  3. Checking applicants' documents are complete and are in order
  4. Securing Bank Managers Check for payment of visa fee, when required
  5. Retrieval of the passport from the embassy on scheduled release date.